Hot / Iced Tea Stations, Carts & Bars

Looking for a HOT or COOL idea for your next office, holiday party, wedding or other social event? Our Tea Stations, Carts & Bars are an easy way for your guests to boost their mood and freshen their body. Refresh & Revitalize with an invigorating iced tea mocktail or Relax & Recharge with a cozy cup of our wonderful selection of Hot Teas. We maximize your beverage experience with our complementary honey, dairy/almond milk & white & brown sugar and sweeteners. All of our teas are blended by a Certified Tea Master and supplied by long time local tea company, Want something to munch on? Our locally made shortbread cookies are the perfect accessory for your event.

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Step 1

Choose 1 tea flavour per 50+ guests (in batches of 50).
If cookies are included: Choose 1 cookie flavour per 50+ guests (in batches of 50).

If cookies are included and if you have 100 guests or less you much choose Plain Original Gourmet Cookies.

 - You could have 50 Cups of one flavour of tea & 150 Cups of another flavour OR You could have 200 cups of only one tea 
 - If cookies are included, you could have 150 Original Gourmet cookies & 50 Chocolate Chip OR 200 Original Gourmet.
*OR any other or any combination adding up to 200 in batches of 50.


Step 2
Number of Guests
Branded Cups?
Premium Teas?
Step 3

Warning: Food Allergens Present

Unless otherwise mentioned, our food may contain traces or have come in contact with of peanuts, tree nuts, various seeds, eggs, wheat, soy, or dairy products.

These foods may also contain gluten.

There are many alternatives available, so if you require a non-gluten, non-allergen product, please contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

*Estimate Only

To secure your date, a non-refundable 50% deposit is due on all booked events.

Due to Covid-19 uncertainties , exceptions to this rule CAN be made on a case-by-case basis.

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Branded Cups?
Premium Teas?
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[QUOTATION ONLY] Hot / Iced Tea Stations, Carts & Bars
Tea Cart Station
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Tea Cart Station
Tea Cart & Shortbread Cookie Station
Tea Cart & Shortbread Cookie Station
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