Our Story

We are proud to be a woman-owned family business in our tenth year and counting. Our decade long story is condensed into some major and minor milestones. What do we love about our company? We are so very grateful to be in business, doing what we love and making people smile.

Kat Soderstrom Founder & Creative Lead


I Was Hooked (and hitched)

The story has humble beginnings and started when I was planning my own wedding. I had a hard time finding a company to customize my sweet table for a 90's pink/black theme. I ended up doing it on my own, and it happened to be a huge hit with my guests. It was clear that there was an opportunity to run this business on the side as I was doing a graphics design business full-time. SweetEvent.ca Is Born!


Perfect With Coffee (marshmellow, spices, oh Yum!)

Our customers kept asking for hot beverages, such as coffee, tea and cocoa. It was a big hit and allowed us to expand outside of weddings and into breakfasts, conference breaks, and outdoor events.

CoffeeCocoaBar.AboutUs TeaAndDonuts.AboutUs

Drunk Driver Changes My Business (when life gives you lemons...)

I had an unfortunate car accident where we were rear-ended by a drunk driver on vacation in Florida. The car was a write-off, and I suffered some permanent injuries so I had to take a break from work to recover. I soon came to realize that I could no longer sit in front of the computer and do fine movements with a mouse for long periods. After a little bit of soul-searching, I took this as a sign that I was more in love with what I was doing with SweetEvent. It was time to move on.


Doubling Down And Going Corporate (i don't mean selling out 😏)

Large donut walls, custom macaron towers, tables, risers, cotton candy & popcorn machines... OH MY! What a Year! Things were fast and furious as I focused 100% on all manner of events. We expanded into doing much more corporate functions, specializing in providing that personalized touch using many different techniques. We also started providing gift boxes, platters and buckets. A lot of time and effort was invested into every detail and it was well worth it as our clients were impressed.


Putting The "Fun" In FUNdraiser

We started doing charity events more regularly. The biggest problem was choosing which ones to focus on as there were so many good causes out there. We took the opportunity to experiment with new event concepts and products.

We were touched by the amount of goodwill we got back from so many amazing heroes making a difference for those in need.

Thank You Heroes! FunRaising.AboutUs

I Think That Treat Has Your Name On It

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize. We bought some engraving equipment and started customizing every event and package we could, even on Macarons! Our customers just loved all the extra touches, with their names, photos, a custom made event logo, and more. Our laser engravers were here to stay, and boy do they work overtime.

Engraved Macarons

The Great Pandemic Pivot (covid, you're such a jerk)

UGH, Really? We went from our busiest month ever to almost every single event cancelled in one day. Calls, texts and emails to cancel were flooding in almost every 5 minutes AND it happened to ALSO be my birthday! Well what do you do? We decided to fully transition into deliveries of care packages, platters and buckets. We worked non-stop on logistics, design, sourcing, manufacturing and assembly while navigating all the barriers imposed during this pandemic. Everyone really pulled together to make this transition, and the results were a success. We even expanded our footprint into the US.

Quarantine And Chill Bucket ValentineBox.AboutUs

Evolve & Expand

It's been a year with Covid already? We're so grateful to our team, our customers, partners, suppliers, family, friends and everyone who helped us get to this point. This past year has had so many twists and turns, but we're stronger for it. We've refined our gift boxes to be more of an experience, as well as including products from other small businesses (including ours) while still being cost effective. For large promotions we partnered with several organizations to build exclusive boxes specifically for them for a particular occasion. Due to the COVID-19 protocols and the logistics of putting together many gift-boxes at once, we really needed more space so we decided to move offices to Mississauga. Super Excited!


The Future Is Sweet

We've got lots of stuff in store for you soon! Stay Tuned, Keep Tabs on our Instagram, or better yet, Reach Out! 416.900.9300

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