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"Baby Stuff, Bath Set & Hot Tea" Baby & New Mother Gift Box

The Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Moms & Babies

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Designed for One Mom & Baby

"New Mom" Package Details

The "5th Trimester" is nature's way of testing how long a body can function without enough rest and nourishment only fueled by adrenaline, coffee and a baby's giggles. It’s a time of great joy and excitement, a whirlwind of emotions and neglect of even the simple things that a new Mother needs. This gift box is packed with small indulgences for a new Mothers and beautiful baby essentials. The bath set & hot tea is perfect for taking a break, locking the bathroom door with a Snack, a Sip & a fizzy Soak while your little one chews on their all-natural pacifier clip and wearing their new trendy onesie.

A perfect kit for that Mom's perfect new kid, because your baby is your favourite reason to lose sleep.

Gift Box Contents

  • One (1) "Hello World" Baby Onesie (Sized 0-3 Months) | by Paulina
  • One (1) Hand-Made 100% all-Natural Cotton Baby Blanket (25" x 25") | by Pine Cabin Stiches
  • One (1) all-Natural Baby-Safe Wooden Pacifier Clip | by Jace and Jules
  • One (1) "Hydrate" Sweet Orange & Rosemary Bath Bomb | by Bathologist
  • One (1) Bamboo Soap Dish | by Framed.Design
  • One (1) bar of Organic Baby Bath Soap | by Elementary Naturals
  • One (1) bag of Movie Style Popcorn (60 grams) | by
  • One (1) pouch of “Neverending Smile” Herbal Tea (70g) | by SipSipEh

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