Cotton Candy With DIY Personalized Sticker Raspberry Personalized Product Featured
Cotton Candy With DIY Personalized Sticker Raspberry Personalized Product Featured

Cotton Candy Floss With Custom Personalized Sticker Prepackaged Snack

A Fluffy Sweet Confection Spun By Fairies

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Serves 1-2 People

"Candy & Loot Bags" Package Details

We’ve got some Sweet news for all you cotton candy lovers out there. You don't have to go to the fair or the exhibition to get that taste of that nostalgic fluffy treat anymore. Hand-spun, fresh Candy Floss can be delivered directly to your door in several Gourmet Flavours. Perfect for that next event, party or even as a treat at home. With your customized artwork for a label just for you, it's perfect for that next event, party or even as a treat at home, Order Today!

Prepackaged Snack Contents

  • One (1) Tub of Raspberry Hand-Spun Cotton Candy (65 g)
Also available in a variety of unique flavours such as: Maple, Pina Colada, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Citrus, and more). Please inquire for more details. We will be adding these flavours to the site soon.

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*An additional fee may apply depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Note: Any pixilation / blurriness shown in the provided artwork will reflect onto the final product. Any thin lines may not show at all (if engraving) or will be very fragile (if laser cutting). For printing on stickers, paper, etc... the resolution of the image will be reflect on the final product as well. Please provide the best quality as possible. By submitting a personal design you are agreeing to the quality as provided.

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